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Improve customer experience and enable personalised service through deep customer insights.

Unify your existing communication platforms and support systems and create compelling, consistent customer experience across your business. CRM connect allows you to connect UC7 with Salesforce to automatically capture all interactions for complete visibility to your customer information.
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Our Key Areas

100% Data Capture

Automatically capture every customer service interaction and natively integrate your unified communication solution with Salesforce

Native Integration

Provide automatic capture of customer interaction data in real-time within Salesforce.

360-Degree View

Provide immediate transparency across all departments, specific to the current customer state

Unified Communications

Our Services ​

Best Fit Solutions

UC7 recommends the best type of solutions in order to meet your company’s goals. We understand your business and are with you from beginning to end. Our cloud telephony offer provides quality digital voice and an integrated collaboration experience from any device.

Always Secure

Everything you share, say, and type is protected by end-to-end encryption. Authorised administrators can manage and enforce security policies. And thanks to Cisco’s high security standards, UC7 offers some some of the most secure collaboration tools available.

Supported by Cisco

Your services are backed by the reliability and availability of the Cisco global cloud. Enjoy universal services across your sites, including remote users, mobile users, partners, and customers.

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UC7 is a fully integrated communications & collaboration solution. Discover how you can get your business communicating more efficiently with scope to grow with you.

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