UC7 allows you to use a variety of devices to leverage the features of the platform

You can make and receive phone calls, coordinate conferences (audio, video, desktop sharing etc.) and facilitate cross-business collaboration using instant messaging and presence.

Complete your business communication solution with high-quality desktop handsets.

  • UC7 works with a wide range of SIP handsets from industry leading suppliers including; Yealink, Polycom & Cisco
  • There is no need to outlay budgets on costly PBX systems. Simply purchase the handsets you require, when you require them.
  • Transfer calls between handsets, mobile devices & soft phones seamlessly.
Mobile Devices

Use your own mobile device to access UC7

  • UC7 is compatible with IOS, Android & Windows mobile and tablet devices.
  • Keep your staff mobile while still keeping them in communication with other team members & customers.
mobile device to access UC7

Provide clear audio and combat interruptions to your staff.

  • UC7 can help source a full range of headsets from leading suppliers like Jabra.
  • Outstanding sound and comfort for your call centre staff in an extra-durable designs and industry leading quality.
  • Wireless headsets come in both Bluetooth and DECT versions, so you can ensure your connection is never interrupted, and calls with those all-important customers run as smoothly as possible.
Desktop Computers

Access all the features you need without a handset.

  • MacOS & Windows UC7 applications available for download.
  • Employees can easily connect to UC7 with their office extension wherever they are located without needing to have access to a handset.
  • Connect a headset for extra clarity and ease of use.
Desktop Computers

Our Key Areas

Multiple Devices

Providing a solution anywhere and on any device by integrating an innovative and reliable cloud call recording, security, and solution delivery.

Reduce hardware costs

Reduce the cost and complexity of expensive on-premise equipment, providing a more agile and intuitive way of working.

Cloud based

Available as a true native cloud product on a subscription-based model offering security, unlimited scalability and rapid deployment.

Record all communication

All user communications can be recorded even while they are mobile, from individuals to various teams in departments or even your entire business.

No need for maintenance

There is no need for maintenance or upgrades, and Dubber’s cloud storage means recordings are always available, and are also stored in multiple locations for redundancy.

Secure & reliable

Highly secure to help enterprises comply with regulations such as MiFID II, GDPR, HIPAA, Dodd Frank and PCI DSS.

Get started with UC7

UC7 is a fully integrated communications & collaboration solution. Discover how you can get your business communicating more efficiently with scope to grow with you.

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