UC7 for Medical & Health

UC7 for Medical & Health

UC7 provides the highest level of communications security and are configurable to meet Australian privacy regulations.

You can be guaranteed that your staff, employees and patients wherever they are will can communicate and collaborate securely on any device at any time.

Secure Communications Solutions for Healthcare

Allows doctors and technicians to collaborate remotely, enhancing telemedicine

Connects staff wherever they are located, at anytime

Improved Reliability
With no more dropped calls or unreliable connections you can be confident your business is working even when you’re not.

Reduced Costs
With no expensive setup fees and reduced phone costs.

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Australian Privacy Principles Framework

The Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) establish a framework that facilitates an open relationship between health service providers and their patients where the provider and patient can reach a shared understanding of how the patient’s health information, including contact details, will be used and disclosed. This ensures that health information is generally only used and disclosed in accordance with a patient’s expectations.

UC7 can be configured to adhere to most Australian and International Privacy regulations.


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UC7 is a fully integrated communications & collaboration solution. Discover how you can get your business communicating more efficiently with scope to grow with you.

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