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With the UC7 mobile & desktop applications, you can receive and make calls with a professional business number without a physical handset.

UC7 SoftPhone gives you the ability to step away from the office and stay on the move. Wherever you go, you now can have a business-grade phone solution in the palm of your hand through the UC7 mobile app on your regular mobile phone or devices.

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Get a business number

Display a landline number when calling from your mobile. You can make and receive calls through the UC7 app and your outbound calls display your business number to your customers.

Take control of your calls

When customers call your business number, direct them to the right team with a virtual receptionist. It can ring multiple team members all at once or one at a time until your team picks up.

Create welcome greetings through a virtual receptionist. Personalize your greeting by uploading a recording or by text-to-speech. Set your business hours and make a custom out of hours message

Turn cloud calling into smarter collaboration with UC7. Secure, scalable, and ready to serve your future business needs.

The way you communicate should be able to fit the way your business works. With everything you need always to hand on any device, in any location, UC7 lets you simplify the way your business communicates. Call, chat, meet, and collaborate no matter where your employees might be.

UC7 gives complete control over calls and communication so now even the smallest business can access the 'best in market' Cloud solution at a cost effective price

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Our Services ​

Fully integrated solution​

UC7 integrates with the way you do business. With a full range of apps for all devices and a complete hardware ecosystem, you can tailor UC7 to suit the needs of your organisation.

Run a better business

UC7 will help you present your business more professionally and it will enable you to run your business more smoothly.

Complete control

UC7 provides the features of a physical desk phone and more on your mobile or tablet, so you can stay connected wherever your business takes you.


Our Key Areas

Connect your team

If your staff have access to the Internet they can access their business phone, allowing them to work from anywhere without your customers knowing.


UC7 offers a virtual PBX solution that makes it possible to scale up and down in minutes to suit the needs of your business. Reduce infrastructure costs while maximising your teams productivity.

Call Centre

Customise your hosted PBX phone system by adding inbound & outbound call centre functionality to your business without having to add a separate phone system.


Provide and support both the hosted PBX and any associaled call centre solution, so your entire business phone system can work seamlessly.

Cloud based

There is no need for maintenance or upgrades, as a cloud based system you can be confident that regular upgrades are rolled out across the entire network.

Secure & reliable

Highly secure to help enterprises comply with regulations such as MiFID II, GDPR, HIPAA, Dodd Frank and PCI DSS.

Get started with UC7

UC7 is a fully integrated communications & collaboration solution. Discover how you can get your business communicating more efficiently with scope to grow with you.

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